Which Camlin (Indian brand) colors are good?

Since Camlin doesnt disclose pigment number, please suggest which colors to buy from the brand for the following specific colors. Quinacridone Magenta (PR 122), Cobalt Teal (PG50), Phthalo Green (PG 36), Dioxanone violet (PV 37). 

Actually I want a split primary palette with 2 yellows 2 reds and 2 blues. 

Thanks inn advance


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    @KaustavM, I think you need to answer this one.  @Osiosbon, do they have a colour chart we can look at? You know, a list/table of all their colours with swatches. If we had that I could tell you which is closest to Quinacridone Crimson etc. :)
  • Yes i will share the link, but they dont share pigments.
    Camel Artist Oil Colours - Kokuyocamlin
  • I know you haven't got much choice, but I'd be wary of buying from any artist manufacturer who didn't supply the pigment codes..
  • Yea, probably most are alternate/cheap pigments thats why they dont disclose the codes they use. I got less choices mate. Thats the only manufacturer here, rest all brands are imported and way costlier. I was hoping if someone could give some info which colors got good pigment strength in Camlin. 
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    @osiosbon, I had a look at the colour chart for Camlin. If you want to paint using the five colour Carder palette that Mark recommends/teaches then I would get the following Camlin colours:

    Cadmium lemon
    Alizarin Crimson  
    Ultramarine blue
    Burnt Umber
    Titanium White

    With these you'll be able to mix just about any colour except the brightest reds and greens. If you want a couple of power colours to go with the five above then I would also get:

    Cadmium Red
    Phthalo Green

    For your darkest darks you could make chromatic blacks with either Burnt umber and Ultramarine or Phthalo Green and Alizarin Crimson

    Hope this is helpful.  :)
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