Newbie DMP Progress

Good morning gentle folk,

I am starting with oils and DMP. I am not a “painter” like many here.

This is hard! I imagine it’s a similar feeling to someone learning to cook for the very first time.

The hard things so far (and I am enjoying it all!)

- Drawing with proportional divider
- Holding my arm up with that divider for so long!
- Mixing medium into paint - I made it too thin and had to go back
- Not making a mess of the bedroom corner where I set up my ahem “studio”
- Mixing colors - orange is hard, dark orange is hard. 
- Not making a complete mess of my palette 

If you forgot what beginners mind is like, it’s exhausting and also exhilarating! 

I will share progress. Be well.



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    Hi, @oaktown. Welcome to the forum. We've all been where you are. Lots of us here started at zero. It gets easier. 

    The coffee pot and orange is a good subject to start with. some lovely reflections there. Your drawing looks good. Keep going. I look forward to seeing your first finished painting.  :)
  • Hello and welcome @oaktown :)

    I agree with @tassieguy.

    Yes we have all been there, beginners beginning at the beginning. Its good to retain that beginners mind too.

    I like your cooking analogy. Fast food can be nice but its never quite as satisfying as a lovingly prepared meal. Taking your time is good.

    It comes across that you are enjoying it and really thats the main thing.

    Looking forward to seeing how this develops.


  • Welcome. Good start already, you are doing things properly and following Mark's lessons :)
  • Welcome to the forum.  @oaktown   Your subject looks like a good choice to start with and your drawing looks good too. 
    Looking forward to seeing you progress.
  • hello and welcome :)
  • oaktown said:
    I am starting with oils and DMP. I am not a “painter” like many here.
      Oh you definitely are, a "painter" like all of us here. There's an artist in everybody!
      Mixing too much medium with paint got me at The beginning too  :)
      Welcome and Enjoy the journey! 
  • Thank you all for the kind comments.

    I am struggling A lot with the orange. It’s easy to create a bright Technicolor orange. And I can tone it down a bit with blue.

    However when I get into the shaded area of the orange I can’t seem to mix the right color. If I add more blue with this hideous mustard green. (Top)

    Adding burnt umber (middle) is the color of baby poop (sorry).

    Adding burnt umber and blue gives me that weird dark green (bottom).

    My husband, who actually is a painter, thinks I’m insane for just not opening a tube of orange or burnt sienna. He doesn’t understand “my process“ of DMP! Ha ha!

    any ideas are welcome. I’m going to get started with the coffee pot and forget the orange. Maybe I’ll replace it with an apple ha ha.

  • Just get close enough to the color then get the value correct.  Then adjust the color.  You may need to modify the value again because it changed when you adjusted the color.  The important thing is the value.  The color can be off a bit and it will still work.  When you use yhe checker to match the value the top edge of the checker should disappear when the values match.
  • THANKS @GTO I’ll do that. Get the value right and stop worrying about the exact color orange. 

    Brushes are ready! 
  • Good start @oaktown. Keep trying with the orange, if you follow the DMP mixing process you will get there in the end. I’d be tempted to try and reach that darkest orange shadow with just umber, yellow and red, and keep the blue away from it. That IPA looks interesting. 
  • It's looking promising, @oaktown.  For that dark side of the orange I'd go with burnt umber, crimson and yellow as @Roxy suggested.  :)  
  • Welcome to the forum.  Looks like you have a excellent start.  Will enjoy seeing your progress.  Its already looking like you will have a winner.
  • @oaktown this is looking really good!  Good suggestions already here on mixing the color.  I like @GTO's comment on values.  Can't wait to see your finished painting.
  • This is a great first effort.  You’ve got some spacial effect with the way you handled the facets of the pot.  There’s a sense of metal and green glass too.  I also like the orange and it’s reflection and I like the blues in the top of the pot.  Can’t wait to see your next one.
  • @GTO Thank you very much! I’m amazed that it looks three-dimensional. I really enjoyed this. The process of Mixing the mediums, All the way to the final painting. I trusted the process, even though I veered off a bit in my enthusiasm. I appreciate your encouragement.
  • You did a fine job here, @oaktown. Especially considering it was your first DMP painting. There's definitely a sense of three dimensionality and of reflections in a faceted metal vessel. Well done! Just keep trusting the process and you'll be amazed at the progress.  :)
  • I appreciate your feedback @tassieguy and encouragement- be well and thanks.
  • I struggled with a lot of the things you initially did.  I made an absolute mess the first painting -- paint was everywhere!! 

    Orange is already looking very accurate.  I can see the pitcher come together quite nicely.  

    You are exactly right -- for beginners like us, it is highly exhausting but just as exhilarating.

    Keep going!!!
  • Turned out great @oaktown, we’ll done. It is exciting when you realize the first time the process actually works. You knocked out that orange no problem too. 
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