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Linking to Twitter.

Does anyone here use the link to Twitter? How does it work? I have a twitter account and have met some really nice as well as good artists from around the world on line. Truthfully though, I don't go on it much anymore or post my artwork on it at all. I was thinking of frequenting it more lately though. I'm afraid I'm just leery about social networking. I was on FB but quit when they wanted to use personal photos in advertising. I felt that crossed the line and disrespected my privacy too much. Maybe a generational difference as one poster put it. Twitter doesn't seem so invasive though. What about you?


  • I don't use it but am creating a FB page for my art only, which is distinct from my personal FB page. I subscribe to a number of artist studio FB pages, and they seem to be a good way of keeping current. I'll be publishing mine near the end of the month.
  • That doesn't sound so bad. I might look into that as well. I liked the page by @Niharikag. One of the reasons I quit facebook was my cousin was off the hook with it. She was tagging me in all these old family photos it drove me nuts! I value my privacy and respect other peoples privacy as well. I only just put a picture of myself as an avatar after 3 years with The Carder Method. I used to just have one eye in the photo and it wasn't by accident.
  • I don't use Twitter much, however I think it's a good platform and I don't think you need to worry about privacy concerns there at all like you do with Facebook. It does not serve the same role as Facebook does, however, and I don't think it would be good for what you're talking about using it for.

    I recommend checking out Google+. In fact Mark started a community there based around painting realism, so that would be a good place to begin your search for artists you like:

    If you decide to try it out, after you sign up, go to this page to edit your privacy and notification settings:

    I also recommend unchecking the "Auto Enhance" feature for photos, especially if you will be uploading artwork.

    Unlike Facebook, unless you explicitly share something publicly, the only people who will see what you share are the people you intended to share with. I will not go into more detail here but in short, I am very happy with the way they have it set up. The only thing I don't like is that by default you gets lots of notifications, just like you do with Facebook, but using the link above you can easily disable that functionality or customize it to your liking.
  • Thanks for the reply. I have a blog on blogspot and linked to a youtube acct. They kept wanting me to join Google+ but I opted not to. I will look into it. Thanks again for the info.
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