Did a master copy for practice again

Hello Everyone,

Here is my lastest work. A 12.5" x 18" master copy in charcoal on Roma paper.

The original is "a mermaid" by JW Waterhouse. I really like Waterhouse's paintings and wanted to have some form of them in my home, so made a master copy of this work. May be I'll do more in the future. (Photo looks really grainy than the original drawing) Not the happiest with the likeness but am moving on.  Was a good exercise in value study as well. 

 I'm loving working on charcoal presently... the black and white gives such an old world feel... probably just a phase but ended up buying a really book with great black and white photography from a museum store. the photographs are sooo elegant, such that its hard to distinguish whether its a photo or a charcoal drawing. I'm also attaching the cover of the book.

Not much work to show so attaching my little drawing exercise from the Bargue book. Its the drawing of the Belvedere torso.  

Thank you for looking.



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