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paint with sdm in tubes

I saw some empty tubes for paint they sell at blocks.can these be used to store paint in with ahead missed with would be much easier to use this way


  • I would work from the jars you mixed up first. I took me awhile to get the consistancy right :) But I think it's a good idea.
  • Yeah I figured ill mix a large tube then.separate it into smaller tubes for safekeeping..
  • Sounds like it's more trouble and fuss than it's worth to put into tubes, and the process of putting it in the tubes may entail more wasted paint than there would be otherwise. I found some small straight-sided Mason jars at Walmart that come in 4 oz and 8 oz sizes. They are the sizes many people use for jelly, etc. The 4oz size has more than enough space for mixing one 37ml tube of paint with the SDM--maybe enough room for two tubes?!
  • The jars are so easy.. just take out the amount you need for each palette you mix and the rest stays stored and safe... another reason I like the jars is because when I am getting low on a color then I just add to what ever is left in the jar... I have never has any problems with mixing in the jars and it stays the perfect consistency.. why add extra steps when it is not need .. use that time to paint!!
  • So I can travel with it.I don't only paint at home but I also paint at work when it's slow.I would only like to use the paint with my SDM..
  • For moving the paint around I took a small cardboard box, cut some foam poster board I got from a local hobby shop, and made partitions much like you see in a six pack of beer (glass bottles) to keep the mason jars rattle, no breakage, no problem! I also used the small, straight sided, wide mouth mason jars and as mentioned above by others, they work great and easy to replenish the paint when needed. I think your thought about the tubes is very clever but have to agree it may be more trouble than its worth.
  • I have 4 oz jars with my paints mixed.
    Already too.I don't see it being alot of trouble. I would mix a few tubes with my SDM and put it in a large empty only worry is the SDM evaporating and drying my paints once stored in the tubes.I read mark had issues with some other plastic containers.
  • Please let us know how it turns out. I love experiments and knowing how they turn out......without exploration, there is no discovery; without discovery, there is no advancement; without advancement, there is only the same! :)
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    I once put some paint mixed with sdm in a plastic cup... it melted. ~X(
  • Hey Shirley! :-h Did you sign and frame it?! ;)
  • Excuse ignorance please, what is SDM? thanks
  • edited November 2012
    When I do it I will post info..yeah I know plastic would melt from the terps
    These tubes are aluminum
  • tjstjs -
    edited November 2012
    Baby food jars work great. I use them sometimes when I've mixed up too much of a great color and can use it for my next painting but can't start it for awhile. The seal on the lids are great.
  • Love the idea about baby food jars TJ. I've been using 4 oz or 8 oz mason jars.

    This is coming a bit late but Just wanted to add (in favor of the jars)... don't know if I'm the only one who's experienced this but occasionally (after it has set for a week or longer) some of the sdm will separate from the paint and it's necessary to stir the sdm back into it. If the paint is in tubes you could end up with the sdm oozing out the top sometimes thus changing up the needed consistency for best results. I remember reading on a thread on the old forum that someone used special plastic bottles with a squeeze tip that didn't melt... although the rims can get messy on the glass jars and I always get paint on me when I'm getting more out...I'm perfectly content with my jars; but, for those who may want to try something else... anyone remember anything about the plastic bottles? (brand, etc)
  • Baby food jars are perfect. Since I don't any babys and remember how bad that stuff tasted I have not purchased any. The other day I was in Craft 2000 and they had some small jars in the candle making section that are just right for me. I am not using enough paint at this point to mix a whole tube of color.
  • gfish said
    I am not using enough paint at this point to mix a whole tube of color.
    A mixed tube will stay fresh for a long long time! Years... Just be sure there are good seals on the jars you store it in.
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