Tape for damaged tubes?

I recently received a package from Blicks, that the post office in Chicago had held onto from April 27-Jun 6.  They tried out a few of the paints, but from holes punched into the sides of the tubes.  Mostly about 1-2 mm in diameter.  I sealed them up with masking tape, they are near the shoulder, so they will be under pressure the whole time I am using the paint.  Is there any more effective method of sealing the tubes.  I could transfer them into something else, but would prefer to use the tubes.  Unfortunately really cleaning the surface is difficult as more pint spills out even when you wipe carefully with tissue. 


  • TamDeal

    Suggest small squeeze plastic needle nose bottles. (Syringe?)

    Or some small snap caps.

    Or you can buy empty tubes. But are a messy solution.

    I use snap caps. Stock colour with SDM keeps for two years. Mixed values for about a month if you can keep the caps on and displace air with glass marbles.

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