Newbie Home “Studio” - Lighting challenges

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I am starting with DMP lesson one: setting up a home studio- in the corner of the guest bedroom. Took me all day to get to this point. Struggled with the lighting. No room for the big black box. I am making a palette out of an old 16x20 picture frame - stained the backing “Geneva Neutral” and tomorrow it will go back into the frames glass.

Here is my idea for this painting- lots of reflections. 

Any advice for lighting the workspace better?

Bit of trouble with lighting as you can tell but I can’t wait for perfect or for a “studio.” I am concerned about lighting the palette. I will try Mark’s white color checker test. But could I put another desk light in here for the palette? The palette will go on the desk to the right of the tabletop easel.

Be well everyone! 



  • This is really an innovative way. But you need to create some distance from your subject. You can use a cheap aluminium easel.
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    It's a small painting so I think the distance is ok. My concern would be with getting enough light on the canvas.

    That's a good subject for a first painting.

    Welcome to the forum.  :)
  • “Innovative” is putting it kindly :)

    Distance is about 4’ - I thought in one video Mark said 4’ is the natural distance for a subject? Worried my eyes won’t see the details if much farther.

    I may need more light in canvas agreed. That’s a 5000k bulb in the overhead light (wrapped in black paper so it doesn’t wreck side-lighting on the subject. I’ll try one more light perhaps from the right side.

  • Welcome to the forum.  Good choice for first painting.  Your lighting looks fine.  Just make sure you have the same amount of light on your palette and color checker as you do on your canvas.
  • Thanks for the warm welcome. I am using an adjustable LED light for the palette area and I think this will work well. Now in to the drawing while I await the delivery of Venetian Turpentine on Friday.
    • Working to get more light on the canvas without blasting out the subject… and my eyes. I think one more light will help. 

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