Varnish or not in case of urgent shipping of painting.

Hello everyone, greetings. It is said that we have to wait at least for 3 weeks for varnishing  even if we use the fast drying medium like liquin. So overall it may take up to 1 and half month if not more from the date of receipt of commission to the date of delivery to customer. I would like to know in case customers want to receive urgently say within 15 days, do we varnish or send without varnish? 


  • Hi @Soumyajit,,

    Its usually a lot longer than 3 weeks if using regular varnish, 6 months is often advised, though there are debates on if it needs to be that long.

    You can use Gamvar when its touch dry, so that can be a lot sooner.

    Also there is retouch varnish which is a temporary protective layer that can be applied but you still have to wait before using that.

    There are a number of threads on the subject if you put it in the Search box on this forum.

    I’m sure there will be some knowledgable members who will advise here too.

  • Gamvar can be applied when touch dry, but I'd say 15 days after completion is pushing it. I'd mail the painting without varnish making sure it's not pressed against everything and advise them to get it varnished in 6 months.
  • MC had a lot of advice about that 
    the main point was make sure customer knows the importance of varnish and the time involved so you can ship it unvarnished if necessary if he will take it to a proper shop to get it varnished there

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