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Working from laptop screen or cell phone screen

 I have one question, now it has become very common to paint from laptop screen or cell phone screen. The screens have a brightness which may effect judging true values. What is the best method to work from laptop or cell phone ? Does colour checker work?Thanks in advance. 


  • @Roxy thanks for the link. The discussions look very complex to me. However I'll give it a try. 
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    I'm about to start a new, very large painting (42" X 42") and I'll be using my tablet screen instead of printed photos and my usual colour notes. It's going to be a juggling act trying to get my tablet where I need it on the canvas but I'm so over prints - they are nowhere near as lifelike as the colours I get on a monitor and the time spent tiling a large photo and the expense of ink and photo paper are just ridiculous. And I'm too old to be standing out in the weather on top of mountains at 43 degrees south in winter to do it all plein air. And I always have to go back and forth between the print and my colour notes which is enough to drive you bonkers.

    If it goes ok I'll post the result in the Post your Paintings sub-forum.  :)
  • You need some kind of flexible arm/mount for your tablet Rob :)
  • Soumyajit

    Michael James Smith paints from a tablet/monitor always. He has lots of demo paintings on YouTube.
    On this link he describes the five essential pieces of equipment.

  • Thanks, @Richard_P. Yes, I need someone with manual skills and technical knowhow to help me rig up something. Sticking my tablet to the canvas with BlueTrack is not ideal.  :)

    Thanks, @Dencal. That setup looks almost right for me.  I just need the tablet flat against the canvas so I can see it and the area I'm painting at the same time in the same plane so I can see that what I've painted is accurate. I look at the reference, mix, lay in a stroke, then stand back to see if what I've painted looks more or less the same as the reference. I can only do this if I can see both my painting and the reference in the same plane.  The setup in your photo looks as if the screen could be turned so it's in the same plane as the canvas. The only problem is raising and lowering it on a 42" X 42" canvas to sit next to the area I'm painting. With prints that's not a problem - I just stick'em on with BlueTrack. I will have already made adjustments in Affinity Photo to get the colour of the prints as close to my colour notes as possible. But it's difficult to get my tablet flush with the canvas. I'm still working on a solution.     :)
  • Can you not get a double ended clamp so you can clamp one end to the canvas frame and the other to the tablet?
  • @tassieguy all the best sir ✌ I'm also going to start a new portrait just waiting for gesso. My reference image 
  • @dencal ya I've been following MJS for years. But I've seen him painting landscapes. For painting landscapes I think we can trust our observations with naked eyes but for portraits I think we need more accuracy in terms of values and colours to achieve high realism. However so far I've painted everything based on observations only. Will experiment with tools like colour checker now 😊
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    Oh, what a wonderful subject!!! Such character! Her long life is etched on her skin but the fine bone structure that has supported it is still there in her face. And I love all the cool blues around her warm skin tones. I don't do portraits but if I did I would love to paint this.  :)
  • Cheers, @Richard_P. I've been to the hardware store and bought two sets of clamps that I think might work without putting too much pressure on the tablet. I'll continue using BlueTack as a backup.  :)
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