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Garden Tomb

edited June 11 in Post Your Paintings
My painting from photo that I took in Garden Tomb back in 2010. Problematic painting. Can’t understand what’s wrong with it. 


  • Nothing is wrong with it.  A painting is your interpretation and reaction to the image and it’s elements.  Unless you’re going for hyper realism I really like your use of color and brush stroke.
  • edited June 11
    I agree with @Alan_Cangemi. There's nothing wrong with it. It's painted boldly with thick impasto which sets it apart from slicker, more photographic representations but it has it's own reality. You've captured the blue coloured shadows beautifully and the bold, impasto brushwork helps describe the forms. The light is wonderful. This is fine, strong painting.  :)
  • You’ve captured the cool sunlight perfectly. I love all the vertical lines and heavy brushwork. The whole painting really gives you a feeling of being there. 

    When you say it’s problematic maybe try running through a list of all the different things you tackle in a painting like composition, edges, focal point etc. and see if that helps. Otherwise, one thing I do is to hang my painting in the house so I’m always casually looking at it. It’s when I’m eating breakfast or doing some other mundane thing that I look at it and it hits me what’s bothering me about it. 

    I think it’s beautiful painting 😀
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