DMP - Mark's new stain and palette color EDIT: it's probably not new

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DMP has a new video up

I notice that he is using a very neutral stain color and palette background color - practically gray! 

Is it just me or is this new stain and palette color completely different from the very warm, white and burnt umber color he used to use for

making palettes:

and staining canvases: ?

Funny thing is, he mentions his new stain color at about 12:33 and talks a bit, but he does not mention it is new and it almost sounds like he always used that color!

Anyway, I like the new stain color better!  I wonder if he just added some ultramarine blue to his old mix...

EDIT:  This is not a new stain color, it is likely Geneva Foundation Canvas Stain - the videos I posted re making palettes and staining (using burnt umber and white) do not correspond to Geneva's products and are out of date.


  • I saw the video, but I just assumed the whilte balance or color profile of the camera was different for this recording.
  • I saw the video, but I just assumed the whilte balance or color profile of the camera was different for this recording.
    Hmmm...  then his white balance would have been very off.  Doesn't sound like Mark to make such a mistake.  It's a mystery I suppose!
  • The color in the video does look different than the simple umber mix he has in his video instructions.  
    And now that you bring it up I realize how warm the stain color is on my canvases.
    His color doesn’t look as warm.  
  • It looks grayer and perhaps a bit lighter in value.
  • He never has listed the pigment numbers he uses for the Geneva Stain at , but even if he ever did, it wouldn't mean he couldn't have changed pigment proportions.  Still, I think we could expect an announcement if that was the case (like when he has changed formulas in the past).

    The other thing that makes me think it could be just a camera setting is the fact that in some shots at the two thin coats square looks a little cooler than the stain looks in my studio in person.  (His stain also always looks lighter in value than it does on my canvases, because his are lit better and I watch on a bright screen.)
  • @Dustin_Cropsboy

    I just don't know... 

    I suppose someone who knows him could ask!
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    I think it's like @GTO said - a simple umber mix with white and maybe a touch of UB to grey it off a little. It's not all that different to what I've seen him use before. I wouldn't worry about it. It's not going to affect the painting process. In fact, I often adjust the colour of my stain to match a shadow tone that occurs throughout a painting. It saves work and helps unify everything. Once you've got the basics Mark says go off and explore, do your own thing. So relax. A stain a single step higher or lower in value than what Mark usually uses is not going to throw everything out of whack.  :)
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    @dencal @GTO @Marinos_88 @Dustin_Cropsboy @tassieguy

    I was never too keen on the old stain... not worried, I just thought it looked far too brown... even though I had planned to go par for the course like a good student, with that white - burnt umber.

    As a novice looking to do things properly, I've been toying with buying primer, plain acrylic, etc. in brown or gray, and using it consistently on the palette and the canvas, something easy, requiring no remixing, not smelly.

    So when I saw this... I got very enthused, and I hope NOT for no reason (thanks for the warning, sometimes "relax, it ain't happening" is the best advice to avoid greater disappointment later)

    Hopefully, you all can understand my excitement and eagerness (as well as curiosity) at seeing what I think and hope is a new, more grayish stain color (which I think is preferable)... if it is true he is now "shifted" in his thinking on pre-stain color, there is a slight chance it might be available from Geneva Fine Arts, (as well as gray palettes) if not yet... perhaps very soon!

    [It's also exciting to see a new video from Mark, it has been so long!]

    Well, I'm going to hold off buying acrylic primer until I get to the bottom of this.  Fingers crossed...

    I'm still excited.


    More excited.  I just realized that the video @Dustin_Cropsboy (and THANK YOU!) linked to, shows that the stain now available from Geneva is DEFINITELY NOT the same as the old burnt umber white one shown in the old - "How to" videos (canvas and palette) I linked to in the OP.

    Those videos I posted are out of date.

    I think the canvas and palette in the recent video is showing the neutral Geneva stain, and I suspect the palettes (when available again) will be the same very neutral color!!

    Now I know where I'm getting my canvas stain from... (and a palette when available)

    again Thank you Dustin_Cropsboy !! 

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    Right, the stain he sells now is definitely not just the old burnt umber and white.  I have purchased and used it.  To me, in person, it still looks a little warm, though, even after two coats.  It looks a little more like a dark taupe than any kind of a pure grey.
  • I really don't think the exact shade of the canvas stain makes much of a difference to be honest :)
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