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Groom with Green: Menstrual Cup, Bleed green, Period!

This is from my series of 'Zero waste lifestyle- conscious living'. Painted long time back . I am aware of the flaws but I thought the message is important here. This is to bring awareness on the menace of sanitary pads. . Empowered women also have responsibilities towards environment & bringing the change  . Thanks for stopping by :)



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    You have a good sense of colour, @vartikasinha and it's a nice composition.

     I see a bottle of eau de cologne, some pearl earrings and I guess the other thing is the menstrual cup. I've never heard of such a device. I learn something new every day. And I'm curious as to why sanitary pads are a menace. Is it an environmental problem? Or are they bad for women for some reason? Sorry for all the questions but your painting has made me curious.  :)
  • @tassieguy I am so glad that it has generated some curiosity. What I am going to write may sound gross but bear with me . Women should completely stop sanitary pads & switch to menstrual cup because of below broad  3 reasons:-

    1) Women's health - Mensuration is the time of elimination of unfertilized egg & waste, during this period woman's body also goes through natural detox i.e. cleansing of colon  & urinary bladder. There are some deadly bacteria (e.g. E.Coli , it thrives on filth), usually reside in colon. Now when they wear sanitary pads, these bacteria get conducive environment (oxygen & filth) to thrive on sanitary pads & from there easily enter into urinary bladder & cervix , because sanitary pad comes in contact with outer skin. As the cavity is long they simply hide inside and multiply in no time. This leads to urinary tract infection (UTI), a lot of women catch UTI post periods, the primary reason is unhygienic way of waste elimination.  Persistent use of sanitary pads cause inflammation inside cervix, later may lead to cervical cancer

    2) Environment - Sanitary pads are not biodegradable , eventually end up in landfills and water bodies. As we all know anything that doesn't get degraded comes back to us in the food we eat (through contaminated air, soil and water ), mind you even if we  eat organic food , it has the traces of toxins.

    3) Health of sanitation worker- No mask or safety gear can prevent the damage to their health as they handle toxic waste of humans like sanitary pads, diapers

    Mensuration cup is only one time investment, one cup can be used for years . It collects waste in a vacuumed environment, and blood can be easily flushed in toilet. In all it's Zero waste .

    Sorry for the long post, but through my painting i want to tell that grooming is not only how one looks, talks, smells & presents herself but also a sense of responsibility towards oneself & fellows
  • Thanks for explaining that, @vartikasinha:)
  • @vartikasinha I would have never guessed the subject. The earrings and perfume bottle hunt at the gender of the third object.  
    The cup looks a little bit cartoonish.  But I don’t know what to suggest to add more realism to it, if that is what you are interested in achieving.  Maybe lose some the the hard edges where necessary and check some values near the edges, especially near the shadows.
    The rest of the painting looks well executed.

  • @GTO your observation is correct, thank you very much. I often struggle with one issue, after I am done with painting I find it difficult to correct, especially after the paint has dried. Do you have any suggestions how to go about it?
  • You could use a thinned down transparent or semi-transparent glaze to make the adjustments.  I’ve also used a razor blade and lightly scraped paint off.  But for the adjustment you need to make the transparent glaze should work.
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