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Farming friend asked me to paint him a naked lady...

I did this of a newly shorn ewe for him last night. (a ewe is a female sheep)
It took a lot of fiddling to get the angle of the rails.   I am still not sure they work.
In my reference photos they were a sharper angle, but it did not seem to work on paper.

I have not painted many sheep before, and never shorn ones.   I am not sure I quite captured the brilliant "other worldly" sheen some of them get when newly shorn, but am happy enough with how they turned out.  
The photos were in a shed, I wanted sunlight, so put the pen where sun could come in from outside and added the trees to balance the post and the dog for a focus for the ewe to look at.  The other sheep was because I am lazy and did not want to spend time on the hind legs of the ewe as the hock angle is so important and difficult from that viewpoint.  

I am trying to learn about light and shadows.   I am not sure if I have quite got there yet?  Can you have different values in different shadows in the one picture?

Anyway, I will be keen to see how my friends react when they come to collect their gift.  I explained I had done a painting for them and she was more like a Rubens type of naked lady.  She is after all, a well conditioned and quite fatty ewe!

Does this composition work for viewers?  Thanks for viewing and any comments.


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