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Could use some pointers.

So I am somewhat pleased with how this is working out so far, it’s not bad for my third painting. But in terms of a likeness the face is off. I can tell the face is a little bit long, but in what way? Is the forehead too long? I have already learned that tiny adjustments can make all the difference. I would be curious to what you all see on the shape of the face that I can use to improve the likeness. Much appreciated!


  • Obviously I’ve taken some liberties with the pattern on the dress, oh boy sorry I chose such a complicated dress 🤣
  • Can you make the photo the same size as the painting?  I have recently found by doing this on a large screen tv, it is easier to see where you are going wrong.  Then you just need the skill and luck to get actual painting part of it done, but by the looks of it, you won't have any problem there.
  • Sometimes I think the more well known the face is to you the harder it is to get it right. Try turning both the photo and your painting upside down and look objectively at the dimensions and shadow shapes. Once you put the shadows in on her chin it will change how it looks. 
  • @Loushka You know, that alone could be a big part if it, thanks!  @toujours it might be time to do some photoshop overlays huh?
  • emaz said:
    @Loushka You know, that alone could be a big part if it, thanks!  @toujours it might be time to do some photoshop overlays huh?
     I have no experience with photoshop, but I think I understand what you mean!  You never know, it may help.
  • edited June 5
    This is looking good, @emaz. Just keep doing what you're doing until you get the canvas covered. Then you'll see more clearly which areas, if any, need further work. Don't fuss to much with the detail. You can refine it later. Just keep colour checking and putting each brushstroke in the right place  and it will work.  :)
  • Email this is great, and I’m sure there is some sentimental value to the image for you.  What I see is the forehead is slightly too long, but more importantly there is a very slight double chin/neck, that I believe once you shade in correctly will make a difference.  Nice piece, I’m impressed
  • Auto correct...should have said emaz
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