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2020 Works. Feedback needed

edited June 4 in Post Your Paintings
This is like a yearly to me here. I couldn't paint much due to various issues last year. But feedback is welcome. I painted a lot of small picture, plein airs etc. but not including those here. Some errors have been corrected but not photographed again.



  • These are great. I especially like the one on the bottom left.
  • I love the landscapes! What colours do you use for the landscapes @kaustavM
    The big tree with the bike under it is my favourite
  • Thanks @Richard_P
    @Marinos_88 Thank you. Most of the time I use Titanium White; Chrome Yellow Deep Hue; Yellow Ochre; Alizarin Crimson; Burnt Sienna; Cobalt Blue/Ultramarine (both sometimes); Ivory Black. But I also use various strange combinations. 
  • Thx for sharing! I thought it was a more limited palette. I just love the use of colours in your paintings. Excellent work on your landscapes! 
  • Thanks @Marinos_88 It is a limited palette. Limited doesn't mean three colors obviously. I use these seven in studio as well as outdoors.
  • Your landscapes are excellent.  I especially like the one with yhe bicycle rider under the tree.  That’s quintessential Kaustav.  😀
  • All good, @KaustavM. For me, #7, #9 and #10 are the best. The one with the bicycle under the tree is sublime.  :)
  • CBGCBG -
    edited June 4

    You, I suspect, are generally beyond the need for "feedback".  Your body of work is excellent and has a very classical/traditional feel!

    I have a few comments for the piece in the lower right corner, with a pathway on the left, gate in the middle and a stand of trees on the right.

    I suspect this was painted partly if not entirely from imagination.  The level of lighting on both gate posts and the trees seems slightly high given the physical arrangement, and in particular their placement at least partly within the shadow cast by the over hanging canopy of leaves.  Also, the color of these objects seems a bit too grey/white given that in the physical arrangement they would be lit mostly by reflected light from the nearby lit ground which is quite saturated in warm colors.  

    BTW I love all of your landscape pieces, they are well composed, moody, and engaging.
  • Thanks @tassieguy any suggestions/improvements?
    @CBG thanks for that. It was totally from imagination; photo wasn't perfect and done for an Instagram quick video, so no thinking time. I was unable to capture the bluishness of the shadow in the photo and kept leaning towards red and yellow. I feel that I can refine this painting now and make it worth looking at. 
  • edited June 4
    For eleven paintings? No. I've given feedback on them before. For the teddy bear, I'd like to see it more developed. Make the teddy more realistic and make the background part of the painting instead of an amorphous brown cloud. How's that?  :)
  • @tassieguy yeah. Probably I'll paint the backgrounds first then go to the main subject. Goes along with the Mark's method somewhat.
  • These are so beautiful….my favourite ones are the woman in red and the second last one with the big tree. All the lost and found edges in the woman in red painting make it so rich and give it a lot of depth. The dark and light of where she’s sitting against the pillow is exquisite! Also, I love the colours. Same goes for the touch of light colour on the top left of the tree. So well placed. You really capture a mood in all your paintings…

    The only feedback I’d give is in the bear painting to work some of the colours used in the bear into the background so the two areas feel less separate. I’m looking at this on my phone though so it’s possible there is and I can’t see it ;-)
  • Thanks @loushka I should have made some cool marks with black and white (Zorn palette) on top of those warm marks, 
  • KaustavM, I like your work.  Your colors remind me of old English landscape paintings, and I like your brushwork.  I think I told you before I really like your quick, fluid sketches, they capture your essence of painting.
  • I love your painting. The views of your world. Your connection to the landscape. 
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