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B&W of latest (and last for now) commission.

Does this work?

The original photo from the '60's (cant post it is not mine) had the face in shadow.   My client wanted the face in less shadow so gave me other pictures to "make something up".   None of them show the eye colour and all range from the child as a toddler, to about 10 or 12.   All pics from a distance also.
I am beginning to think Historic Recreations are not a cost effective way of painting!  This has taken hours of stress, and angst and research on my part.  

This is essentially finished and ready for collection, however, is anyone can see something that would be better changed in this work, please, speak now.....  I can change it over the weekend prior to collection next week.

I will put some of the "process" photos up and end with this possible final one  I started with, in colour.

How I have left it.
Are the child's eyes too small, too dark, or both?
Have I "grounded" them enough?   At one stage they were "floating" above the grass.
How would I/should I  make the daffodils on the left look brighter?
Anything else need adjusting?
Thanks in advance for prompt input.


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