How long until I varnish???

Hello all, I recently have painted some oil paintings and am curious on the timeframe suggested to wait until I apply a varnish.... 

any suggestions..?? 


  • jward

    Six months to varnish.

    Touch dry to retouch varnish.

    Touch dry to oil out procedure.

    Touch dry is normally about two weeks depending on temperature and humidity.

    Krylon has a final varnish that can be used at touch dry, but I have not not used it.

  • edited June 2021
    Gamvar is a varnish that can be used when your paint is "touch dry."  Gamblin defines touch dry as when your fingernail still leaves a dent in the paint.  I have been using Gamvar for several months with success.  Be sure to read the instructions.  You are told to put it on thin and scrub it in a bit (not too much).  It dries in minutes.
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