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Quick painting of my own horse oil on paper

The yellow is showing up more than in the actual painting.   Just a phone camera so can't expect too much, I suppose?
I prefer this to the commission I did at the same time. (Shown in another post: This commission recently got me painting again after a 12 year hiatus.)

I would be keen to hear other people's views on the differences between the two, if anyone feels so inclined, and has the time.


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    Another handsome horse. In this one the brushwork seems freer than in the commissioned painting. It has a watercolor feel. I'm not sure about the writing - is that something on his saddle blanket? If so, I think that making lower section of the blanket  clearer and differentiating it from the green (grass?) below would improve the painting.  :)
  • I like the loose feel too.

    I think the background value is too similar to the horse here. If you look at it black and white you see that the value near the eye (which is one of the centres of interest) is nearly identical:

  • Thank you both for that.   My sister said I need to paint what people want and a lot of people seem to want a replica of a photograph, where I prefer the slightly looser paintings that leave something to the imagination of the viewer.

    Tassieguy, you are so right about the writing, it does look like it is on a saddle blanket.   Truth be told, i just wanted to put his names (race name and stable name) on the painting and chose a blank area to do so!  Something I will take more care over in future, perhaps!

    Richard_P, Well spotted, thank you.  I am just beginning to learn about values and had not thought it through.   Nor did it ever occur to me to look at it in B&W.   I shall use this trick of yours in future to check how a painting is looking.
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