Newly joined from the southern hemisphere

I have just started oil painting again after a 12 year break following a gardening injury.  My paints all seem to have survived the break and even my mediums are in working order.   Most of my brushes survived the break, tucked away in foldable pockets.  My technique, however, may need a bit of tweaking.
I have drawn (until my 12 year break) my entire life and am now officially beyond middle age.    I have been frightened of colour for much of my life, and began oil painting a few years before I was forced to stop, following my accident.    I had learned enough to be dangerous with a brush!
Having been reluctant to self promote and market my work over the years, I feel it is time for me be begin in earnest.   I am not a fb member, nor do I have a website.   Perhaps it is time for one or the other or both?   Advice in marketing, useful sites, and help with colour and composition as well as technique as well as any other constructive criticism would be gratefully received. I make a point on other forums in the past of not "liking" other posts, but if I like them I comment, or if I can help with a problem, I will comment also.  I hope no one is put off  by my not hitting "like" buttons?
Is there a place we post works, or a special way of doing so?


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