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Portrait of Stan Miller in his natural habitat

From 1974 to 1984 I had the privilege of working for Stanal Sound Ltd, one of the world's top sound reinforcement companies. Stan Miller is the founder of that company. He is one of two company founders that I have worked for in my professional life, who has impacted an industry on a global basis. This painting is based on a photo taken by a media company who wrote a bio on Stan's life and accomplishments. Stan owns the copyright on the photo and gave me permission to use it as my painting reference.

The scene is inside a large event center where Neil Diamond was to perform. The lights and sound equipment are an important part of the content for this portrait, especially since Stan has influenced the designs for much of that equipment. I believe the year the photo was taken was 2008 since that is the year that the Neil Diamond Brooklyn Roads tour took place. Stan and Neil have been friends and associates for over fifty years. Neil Diamond is Godfather to Stan's son, Neil Miller. The experience of painting this portrait has brought a flood of great memories and is beyond words. 



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