Simple sketch/drawing practice


  • Ah, the egg. A time honored still life subject. Is this pencil or charcoal, Michael? Either way, it's very good.  :)
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    @tassieguy, thank you.

    One egg is un oeuf (as there French say).

    The joke there is if you say it out loud it sounds like English- one egg is enough.


    Its in graphite. Having only been used to my  three Fabre & Castell 2H, 2B, HB clutch pencils, I branched out and bought a set of 12 Koh I Nor Professional Pencils. There are all kinds in there I didnt know existed F, H and 2B right up to 8B. I also purchased, same brand eraser pencil (basically a pencil but with an eraser down the middle) and some graphite powder.

    So I am having fun noodling around with it all.

  • It's good that you're having fun, Michael.  It's important to enjoy doing art. Even if sometimes it's agony. 

    I remember that saying, "un oeuf is enough". It helped me learn how to pronounce "un oeuf" when I was doing French as a major in my first degree at university. After I graduated I went to live is Paris for a year and had no trouble ordering eggs at the cafes. Your post brought back fond memories of that time.  :)
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    Thats true @tassieguy It should most certainly be enjoyable, non of this tortured artist malarkey  :)

    Its nice to use other mediums too especially as I am finding at the moment I cant seem to put my mind to painting, because of some neighbour related nonsense that I have been ruminating on.

    So rather than feel stuck that I am not in the frame to paint changing gears to do some drawing is proving beneficial.

    I’m pleased I brought back memories of your time in Paris. I can almost smell those frying eggs, the fresh bread and coffee.
    And Ive thrown in the the cliche sound of a  Parisian accordion tune being played by a busker outside just for the sheer glorious ness of it.

    Cafe au lait s`il vous plait

    Tres bien

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