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edited May 24 in Post Your Paintings
This pile of rocks and vegetation is on the way up to the summit of Kunanyi. It's the fourth major painting in my series based on the mountain here in Hobart.

I took this photo of the painting at night with my phone so it's not the best representation of what the colour is like and the subtle structure in the clouds doesn't show up at all. But it gives a rough idea of the painting.  I'll take a better photo outside in sunshine with my camera tomorrow and it will look much better.. 

For this one I used a reference photo I took in summer.  In winter it's covered in snow like in the previous painting I posted. I don't know how those plants survive the winter up there but they seem to thrive wherever they can get a toehold. 

Still a few adjustments to make but got the canvas covered tonight so thought I'd ask for feedback. 

Critique, comments and suggestions very welcome.

Thanks for looking and commenting.



EDIT: I've replaced the phone photo originally posted with a better one taken in sunshine with my camera.



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