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Attached are my last few painting.

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I started painting back in 2015 but lost my space to paint. I'm now back at it. I have used Mark's videos along the way. Below is what I have painted over the last few months since I've been back at it. The top painting is my latest work.


  • Beautifully painted.  My favorites are the top one and the bottom one.  They both seem to have a sensitive eye for color and value.  The bottom one has a good composition and story feel to it.  And your water is expertly painted.

  • Thank you so much!
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    These are really good, @MJC. The water in the last one is great. The portrait is very well done - details such as the brickwork and the decoration on her dress are amazing. The dogs are well done, too. The eyes especially.

    I  hope you continue to paint and I look forward to seeing more of your work.  :)
  • Thank you. The portrait is my first attempt at painting people and I feel it looks it. defiantly need a lot more work in that area. As fare as the background unfortunately I got sucked in to the detail and is not what I  envisioned painting but the looser brush stokes looked bad so I kept getting more and mote detailed. Now to me it feels very rigid. 
  • Just noticed that is also a horrible photo. I guess I posted the wrong one. Ill see if i can post a better one
  • I attached  a photo of it that at least is Squair but it has some glare.
  • @toujours Mollie is the first pic up top
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    MJC said:
    @toujours Mollie is the first pic up top
    Thanks for pointing (pun intended) her out to me.
    You have done a good job with all of them.  Your eyes are great, which is  often the window to the soul of animal portraits.

    having said that, my pick would be the last one of the pond.  I could see something new and fresh in that painting  each day if I lived with it.
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