Limited palette colours confirmation help

Good morning kind people of this site.
Im brand new here and juat a baby in oil painting
Can someone please confirm the colour names of the limited palette (i hooe i spelled that correctly lol)
Which cadmium yellow is it...light medium or dark.🤔
Also is it permanent aliz crimson or just alizeran crimson?
Im about to treat myself to large tubes of oil paints and i need to make sure i have the correct colours specified by the demos given by mark.
Thankyou for any help. Much appreciated
Emeelio 😋


  • Hi, @emeelio. Welcome to the forum.  :)

    You need Cadmium yellow light and Quinacridone crimson.
  • Hey Emileeo,  just a tip.
    If you're buying large tubes of paint make sure it's artists or professional grade.  When you add Mark's medium the consistency of the paint will be quite runny, since cheap oil paint has less pigment and more oil. I've done that mistake my self when I first started painting using  Mark's  method.
  • Awee. Thankyou both for your help. Its much appreciated 🙂
    Happy painting

  • emeelio

    Here is Mark’s advice

    oil paint for artists outside the US

    The essential colors are:

    • permanent alizarin crimson
    • cadmium yellow pale
    • french ultramarine
    • titanium white
    • burnt umber

    I recommend the Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Colour line of paints. There are many brands of paint that are equally good (and in some cases better) as Winsor & Newton, but I recommend Winsor & Newton primarily because they are available worldwide.

    In addition to the essential colors, if you are going to paint something with an extremely bright red or a strong blue-green color, you may need to "boost" your colors with two additional pigments.

    Please be aware that these colors are very rarely used and I would not purchase them if you are on a tight budget unless you know you will need them. I almost never use these colors, and when I do, I only use a tiny amount.

    The two "power" colors I use are:

    • Winsor & Newton Winsor Blue (Green Shade)
    • Winsor & Newton Cadmium Red Deep

    In addition, you will also need a tube of Winsor & Newton Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Colour in both Burnt Umber and Titanium White, which will only be used for staining your canvas. Do not use these for the actual painting process, and make sure to stain your canvas outdoors or in a very well-ventilated area!


  • So helpful! Thankyou so kindly 🙂
    Happy painting
  • The thing is that versions of these paint names can vary in colour, so actually look carefully at how off color they may be.

    Utrecht paint was on sale in the large tubes recently, and has reliable colours in these names.

  • I use burnt umber, ultramarine blue, cad yellow, pyrolle red, titanium white.  
    I am currently trying a Mars red / black by Windsor Newton called asphaltum in place of umber.  It’s a bit more transparent but does not sink in like the umber. 
    I have used thalo blue a couple times to make a nice turquoise when needed. But that is rarely needed.
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