This forum has dwindled

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Considerably in that past year. Though there are still some long term regulars that kindly contribute and offer helpful advice. There seems to be in increase of those that just want to post and receive comments/validation, advice without giving anything back

I have been on it less too and maybe I have just lost interest in it.

So there ya go, those are my thrilling earth shattering and monumentally meaningful thoughts.

Any others ?


  • PS. 
    Can the last one out remember to turn off the light and close the door.

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    Yes, Michael, I've noticed it, too. Many members of longstanding seem to have drifted away.  Instagram and YouTube have probably had a lot to do with it. COVID resulted in great numbers of visitors but, unfortunately, few new contributors. Not sure what can be done. The site needs maintenance.  It has been the best art forum on the web for years and the only one I use.  I hope it's just a temporary dip in active members  and that things will pick up. It will be a great loss to me if the place dies. I worry that one day it will just blink off without warning and that will be that.  :/ 
  • Your English is fine, @Marinos_88.  You have made some valuable contributions since you've been here. Thank you.  :)

    I agree, it really helps to provide feedback if folks say a little about works they post. And folks needn't be afraid to comment. No one expects a long dissertation. Just a couple of sentences is often enough and they are greatly appreciated.  Words are much better than those silly like and awesome icons.   :)
  • I agree, @Marinos_88 your English is fine by the way.

    yes when I was new to the site I felt that I didnt know enough to make suggestions, but that changes as you paint more and can see things better.

  • Thx guys!
    Maybe we need more  challeges =) . It will get a lot of people involved. Like Mark's "no blending" challenge or "a painting a day" , anything that motivates people painting.
  • Guys - I too am a relative newcomer, so I don't know what it was like before. I am reading through old postings in Studio and Supplies because I find the different opinions very useful to think about. I think internet conversations have lulls and ebbs like real face to face group conversations (remember those pre-covid?!?). I think that a few strong, judgmental personalities can have an oversize effect in inhibiting people. I have seen this not on this forum, but in others. This one seems very friendly and helpful, so I hope it continues. Plus the silly jokes sometimes make me laugh out loud!
  • With all forums or groups et. al. People come and go.  It’s just the nature of that kind of thing.
    It’s a good forum and more artists will appear over time.  
    The forum is very welcoming, open and helpful and that is what makes it special. 

  • I’ve been on the forum for two years and I’ve noticed a change also. I just attributed it to covid but maybe there are other factors too. I’d like to see @BOB73 and @PaulB back again. Hopefully they’re still around and doing well. 
  • @HondoRW, @PaulB is still around and does drop in from time to time but I have not seen @BOB73 on here for a good while.
  • I was burnt out by COVID. It's not just here, Wetcanvas is pretty dead compared to how it used to be.
  • Hope you are feeling less burnt out @Richard_P
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    BOB73 went AWOL many months ago. Julianna, Hilary, Jessica ... are among others that used to be very active here but whom we no longer see.

    I'm glad to hear it's not just DMP, @Richard_P and that it's not something we are or aren't doing that's scaring people off - it's just one of those inexplicable lulls in activity.  :)

    What was it about COVID that lead to burnout, Richard? Being cooped up all the time?  Having to wear masks everywhere? Fear of you and loved ones catching it? I'll own all of those.  :) 
  • Not the fear, the social restrictions when you have young children make every day harder.
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    I am one of the guilty parties here. I post but fail to find time to see others' posts and comment. We are in pretty bad condition that friends and relatives started dying almost everyday. Household duties and workpressure also take away time to contribute to the forum. I barely manage to find time to paint daily and focus on social media etc. Just barely manage to post something to keep it going. 
  • @kaustavM Given how bad covid is going on in your area I think you get a free pass. I am hoping the situation improves quickly there.  
  • @kaustavM - I also had covid and several neighbors have died or been permanently damaged. It is weird and dreadful. It is hard to stay strong for those around us sometimes. I really enjoy your posting your paintings so I hope you continue.  BTW, your effortless soft brush strokes are wonderful - and I am envious :)  
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    me too, very very guilty...  :'( i really cant pin point my reason though.. when i'm not doing art, i'm mostly staying away from seeing art too.. guilt trip probably.... 
    and when i do have something to show, it feels easier to be involved (mentally), as if the work is a kind of a ticket... i know this forum is open to anyone, even if one isnt actually painting...
  • @kaustavM I'm a fan of your work sir, especially your lanscapes.
    Keep safe, we're going through a tough period,  it's hard to deal with it mentally. Painting is one of the things that keeps us sane.
    @anwesha don't feel guilty, I think it's normal.  Everyone's circumstances are different,  for some it's harder to find time to paint and even get involved. 
  • It was not my intention that anyone should feel bad or guilty in terms of contribution. I understand that things naturally flow and ebb and this site is no different.

    It is good to hear others views and perspective on it though.

    Happy painting

  • The changes may reflect the present times. It's rare today to experience people being committed to something and stick around for 5, 10, 20, 30 years and more. I used to experience this more frequently in the 60's through the 80's but not so much so since 2004 or so. It is very challenging to stick with plans, including the best well made plans. You just never know when life will get in the way and interrupt or interfere. Also new opportunities open up for some of us that take us away. This past year I unexpectedly found a new opportunity for possibility for new business in my life, but more importantly for me is that this helps people to recover from trauma and I have a background for it that is calling for this new work ahead of me, I'm still in training. So my commitment to painting is compromised, yet I'm going with the flow and making something new work out, ordinarily this new business I've taken on and painting go very well together, each inspiring the other. I like John Singer Sargent as an example of being an artist painter and healer of people in his life, this seemed to work well for him.
  • I haven't posted anything in a long time, because of computer problems.  For some reason I can't load pics onto it.  Hoping to get this resolved soon and then there will probably be an overload.
  • Folks

    Three factors to consider:

    # The US Driving Season runs from April to September.
    # COVID 19 restrictions are relaxing with universal vaccination.
    # President Biden has issued a 2 trillion dollar stimulus.

    Zoom, Facebook, video games and Amazon are sticky attractions for eyeballs.

    Lulls and surges ... ‘‘twas ever thus.


  • Fair though rather US centric points @dencal.

    Typing from Bonnie Scotland

  • I don't know if it was ever something where there was a link, but I am pretty sure I came here because of picking up on Mark's videos.  Those have basically come to a stop, both in frequency, and shoot me, but I would say quality.  I think he has said on two occasions that he had a bunch of videos coming out, and then months would go by.

    I hope he is run off his feet with students and paint orders (I bought a lot of paint), and not being crushed by the current business environment.  He created a uniquely wonderful model, and set of tools.  I hope it is going to survive.  By accounts a lot of activities have been selling like crazy because people are looking for something to do, and the kind of people who have money for luxury goods are doing OK at this time.  So I hope that is feeding DMP also.
    A prerequisite should be to watch Mark's videos. All of them. They're free. 
  • TamDeal said:

    I hope he is run off his feet with students and paint orders (I bought a lot of paint), and not being crushed by the current business environment.  He created a uniquely wonderful model, and set of tools.  I hope it is going to survive.  
    Yes, It is a wonderful and unique model and I can't imagine how it wouldn't succeed. Like you say, @TamDeal, it may be that Mark is just run off his feet with students and making paint and studio furniture, filling orders and trying to find time to paint himself. I hope that is so. Some years back, it used to be fantastic when Mark played an active part on the forum. I got such a thrill when he commented positively on one of my early paintings. And it was great when he used to put up selected works on the forum home page. Sadly, this stopped happening a long time ago.

    But it is still a great forum. The best there is, in fact. Most here are friendly and very helpful and that is so important, especially for beginners. I love the place. If it were not for DMP I would not have taken up painting seriously and enjoyed the success I have. I'd be devastated if DMP died. So, together, lets keep this the best artists forum on the web. :)
    A prerequisite should be to watch Mark's videos. All of them. They're free. 
    Check.  Done that. :)

  • I am guilty of not being here as much as I probably should.  Only been painting 3-1/2 years myself.  Offering advice is not something I'd feel comfortable with at this point.  There are some very talented and seasoned artists here that are super nice and very helpful, offering some really good encouragment along with advice.  

    I agree with ebb and flow of participation.  People do get busy or are busy most of the time.  It's tough for me to find A Time To Paint as I'm sure is the case with a lot of people, especially with the state of the entire world right now.  

    It's so wonderful to see the posts here and I do learn from this forum and do hope it will pick up again soon.  
  • Great to hear from you @PaulB! Hang in there!
  • It's good to see that activity here has picked up a bit lately. Several excellent new paintings and some drawings have livened things up a bit.  :)
  • Yes @tassieguy, its amazing what a splash of new paint can do

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    Tartan, striped or polka dot are all fine

  • Hi everyone.....I have just joined and need to find my way around the site a little over the next few days and weeks.
    I am hoping for some constructive criticism (note from my spelling, I am not from USA!) to help me improve my work, as well as advice on how to market my work.   
    I am not a fb member, nor do I have a website at this point in time.  Self promotion and marketing are not my strong points.
    I started oil painting about 15 years ago after a lifetime pen and ink sketching and graphite drawing over watercolour.  I have also done some wire sculptures.   Mainly equines and other animals and historic, rural scenes which is what I know most.    A gardening accident 12 years ago halted my oil painting exploits and I have only just begun again 2 months ago.  Luckily, my old paints still seem in workable condition, all these years later!
    Do we post pictures of work here, or is there another page that is used for that?
  • Hi, @toujours. Welcome to the forum.  :)
  • @toujours if you click on the menu and select community home then select post your paintings.  That’s where you can post them. 
  • My dog ate my note but I’m back
    I understand reluctance to comment we have to remember that feedback is encouraged but not required 
    there was big discussions on this before my computer and my health went south I won’t be able to participate fully till I get a new computer it’s just to hard on my eyes and takes too long to type 

  • I find it a bit disappointing that the "owner" of this forum, Mr. Carder, does not participate. 

    But I am very grateful for the feedback and support I have received in my short time here, and I try to give as much or more support and feedback. 
  • For the benefit of newcomers and those that share @oaktown view, MC wanted to take down the site some years ago as he got too busy but was generous to leave it 
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