No access to Geneva paints

I don't think I can buy Geneva paints where I live. I really hope the expectations and the scope of drawing lessons of Draw Mix Paint are beyond Geneva paints. I understand that I should be careful of toxicity, environmental impact and other risks (and quality) associated with oil paints but, as a beginner level artist I also don't want to spend heaps money for shipping costs. The most common brands I can see here are Winsor & Newton, Art Spectrum,  and Golden (and Langridge Low Toxic Oil Painting Medium). But please let me know if Geneva paints are available here in Melbourne Australia. Thank you.


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    I think you can get Geneva paints in Australia now. When I first joined you couldn't so I got used to using other brands. (I live in Tasmania, BTW). If you want to try other paints Langridge is the best paint I've ever used and it's made right here in OZ.  :)
  • You can mix clove oil with regular oil paint to make it take longer to oxidise (dry). You don't need Geneva paints to use the Draw Mix Paint method.
  • I have just begun Mixing paints using the DMP recipes.  They are a great improvement. You may wish to start there. Once I run out of my current paint supply, I intend to replace Each of the primary colors with Geneva equivalents.  I believe I will save time and get a better quality paint. Good luck !
  • The yellow, blue and burnt umber are straight-forwards.  The only tricky part is finding the right single pigment red from the paints available to you.  Not too orange and not too magenta/purplish. 
    I don't bother with the clove oil to extend the drying time since I typically work en plein air.
  • Mark has instructions and recipes for making your own slow drying paints that are pretty close to Geneva.  He recommends using Winsor & Newton because they are readily available, but you can use almost any artist brand.  

    I have Geneva Brand paints and also made up some slow drying Winsor Newton and indeed they are very similar.  

    Here's a link to Mark's instructions for making your own:

    Supply List | Draw Mix Paint

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