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Shadow Box

This is an inexpensive shadow box, take the shelve out of a bookcase. if you don't have one Walmart and others sell them cheap, you have to put them together. buy black form board 20"x30" Put in the bottom piece first then the sides , then the top (rest it on the sides) tape the whole thing together. cut a hole in the top for the light, and your done. you can make it any size you want. the one I have is 28" wide by 20" high by 18" deep.


  • Pretty cool, Bill. I've got to try to make a shadow box in the coming weeks, thanks for the tip.
  • Good work Billj and a nice idea.

  • opnwyder, Denis; Your Welcome, and thanks
  • edited July 2013
    When I first got TCM I was on a real tight budget coming off a long stint of being unemployed. I could just about afford the DVD and paints. I made one out of a cardboard box layed on its side and spray painted it flat black in and out. I cut a hole in the side that was now the top for lighting. The background was an old black T shirt slipped in a narrow slot at the back of the box for changeable backgrounds. The photo quality lacks as it was a point and shoot but if you look closely you can see the ribs of the cardboard in the foreground. I used a plain piece of paper for the surface and black shower curtains from the dollar store for the "studio walls". It worked well actually. A 3/8" dowel taped accross the top kept the top rigid. Where there's a will, there's a way.image

    Final set up.
    I have since made one out of wood. I didn't put the slot in the back but will probably add it in at some point in time. What I did do was add a slot in the top front for a drop in light shield.
  • Newb; Sounds good. if the cardboard don't work out, try the black foam board, its very nice. "Where there's a will there's a way" accomplished a lot of great things, Thanks for sharing.
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