Anyone Own the Geneva Easel?

I'm considering splurging and buying the Geneva easel. Just curious if anyone here owns one as I am wondering just how easy (or difficult) it is to assemble? Assembling unassembled things is not one of my strongest skill sets :) 
I found one video on Youtube that someone posted re: assembly but it was time lapsed and not very detailed. 


  • I made my own.

    Is this the video you are referring to?

    In this video it seems that the whole mast and body come pre assembled, and all you have to do is screw in 4 screws for the rear leg, and  4 bolts in the front leg, and all the parts are marked.  Apparently it helps to have a wrench for the nuts that hold the front bolts, as there is a scene where she is working the bolts from both ends.  However, the initial tightening of the bolts seems to suggest that they are also somewhat captured for ease of use. 

    You could drive those bolts and screws home faster with the drill driver she had, but if you skip off a head, you could make a nasty mark on the wood.

    Then there is the hanging of the weight, that just seems to hook on.  In Mark's video the weight is swedged on permanently, so either you screw it home, or it hooks, it looked fast whatever she was doing. And the jaws just slide onto the mast, and tightened in the same way you will adjust them when using the easel.

    She also had casters that just seemed to screw into the inserts.  I don't like casters, they put huge loads on the legs, and splitting loads on the plywood.  Presumably they are confident that those loads are going to be contained.  But if you don't need to move it but once, I would prefer no casters myself.

    Assembly looks very basic.  What took most of her time was finishing it. 

  • @TamDeal Yes! This is the video I watched. It looked so easy I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something in the time lapsed nature of it. I actually went ahead and ordered it. Can't wait!

    I Made my own easel a couple years ago when I started painting, loosely based on Mark's video on how to make a homemade easel. It has served me well but definitely time to move on. Thanks for making the video! 
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