Grumbacher Kamar Gloss Varnish

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Has anyone used spray on grumbacher kamar gloss?
How many coats do you spray on?
I have a couple paintings on Dibond that I brushed gamvar glossy varnish.  I really like the deep glossy look but I see bits of dust on the surface.  And with it being on Dibond and being glossy it sure show up any dust.  
It pained me to do it but I removed the gamvar and now I am thinking of using spray on varnish.


  • The dust is local issue. In the air. I use Kamar as a temporary protection until I use gamvar after a few months. 
  • GTOGTO -
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    @KingstonFineArt Grumbacher lists it as a final varnish.  ?  What kind of brush do you use to apply the gamvar? 
  • @GTO
    Kamar is made by several companies. I use Krylon. It is listed as a finish and temporary for use to unlink a live painting  It is supposedly the same as Gamvar. I don't know. I just spray one light coat to protect while the paint dries. I have a nice but old 2" synthetic sash brush for small paintings. For paintings with texture cheap bristle then I toss it. I have a boat varnish bristle 3" for larger paintings without texture. I haven't varnished anything in a long time. I don't varnish all my paintings. If they have polish out well and I'm keeping them. Some paintings just look good raw.
  • I use the Krylon gloss Kamar spray varnish also. I have used it for quit a few years, never had a problem using it. I spray one coat about a week after paint dries, then another coat a few days after. I spray when the picture is I feel cured about  2 months. 
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