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  • I like the lighting in both of these.  The flowers look a bit small and I wonder how that might turn out in a painting.
    In the second one I like the book glasses and especially the apple.  But I wonder what the candle and cactus have to do with the other objects.  
  • @roman
    I think there's a lost opportunity in not having a ground plane. Marble old wood, a shiny surface or even linen. Anything to hold the objects in place with cast shadows setting the scene and story with more texture. The lighting is a bite harsh. Having a lit candle overpowered by the lights seems a bit of point. Maybe defuse the light somehow.
  • I agree with Kingston about the surface everything is sitting on.  That would add interest with reflections etc.  I think the cactus is possibly out of place.  I don't envy you painting an open book.  I like the overall feel of your set up but think a few little changes would add a great deal of interest.
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