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Latest painting project. Gran Teatro de La Habana

This painting is a collaboration between my old friend, Mac McDonnell and me.  Mac has travelled the world as a road manager and sound reinforcement engineer for musicians over many decades.  He took the photo I used as my source when he was in Havana.  He is a fine photographer and I am grateful he lets me use his photos.  This was my most complex painting to date.  The underpainting drawing took fifteen hours.  Since the El Capitolio was under heavy renovation, I used photoshop to replace it with the finished tower.  I learned a lot about how to use photoshop to create a composite photo that was very convincing.

DMP has given me a new level of confidence in my work,  I am very grateful for that.

A lot of work, but I am very satisfied with the result,

Oil on 20X16 inch canvas.


  • This is very good. I love the cars and you've done a nice job with the architectural details.  :)
  • Crikey, you couldn't have done anymore more ambitious!  Considering the immense amount of detail, and potential for error, this came out really well.
  • I give this an awesome because of where you are starting from.   First off I love the way you handled the figures.  I can feel their weight. Especially the guy sitting in the chair and the guy leaning on the cab.  There are a few minor things in the architecture that are off slightly but given the complexity of it I can overlook that.  Though the ellipse on the dome droops a bit.  It’s good that the lamp post on the right is kept vertical.  But the one on the left leans in slightly.  This might be due to the way the camera lens curves the image.  
    Having said all that, this is an impressive painting.  Maybe in your next one go for something that has more emphasis on the figures (you paint those so well) and a less complex bit of architecture.  Unless of course that’s your thing.  
    Your colors and values fit well too.
  • Thank you so much for your thoughtful suggestions and kind words.  This is far and away my favorite forum.  The knowledge and talent represented here is beyond anything I have experienced before.  I wish I had time to look at every work of art on this site.  So many great pieces.
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