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Zorn Palette - Painting of my wife

edited April 26 in Post Your Paintings
Hey fellow art lovers,

Just finished this painting of my wife, done on an A4 wooden panel.
It's the first time I used the Zorn palette and it was an absolute joy.
It allowed me to focus more on values since mixing the colors is a bit painful, especially since I'm new
and I already have a lot to deal with, like correct proportions and values.
Every time I paint I learn something new. This time I realized standing back at arm's length really helps to see the whole picture without focusing on small details.
I caught myself trying to add too many details which kinda ruined the effect, but lesson learned, and ill try to avoid over modeling.
I didn't spend too much time on this one (according to my standards :p). I could have done more corrections but i prefer to see my mistakes as a reminder and move on to the next painting.
I'd appreciate your feedback and constructive criticism.
Here's my muse



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