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edited April 26 in Post Your Paintings
This is a strange one. It's on the plateau at the top of the mountain here and I was fascinated by that group of rocks in the upper section just right of center. As well as being shaped like dissolving humans they have this green hairy lichen growing on their heads that looks like weird hair.  

 It took about a week to get the canvas covered and there's still a bit I'd need to do to it if I decide to finish it. I'm not sure it would be saleable because of it's strangeness. 

Anyway, I'd be interested to read what folks here think of it. 

Thanks for looking and commenting.  :)


PS Apologies for the crappy phone photo. I tried to adjust the brightness and contrast in my image editor to compensate for the poor lighting in my studio but without much success. I'll photograph it in daylight outside when we get a sunny day.

(Edit: I've replaced the original crappy phone photo with this one from my camera taken outside in daylight.)


  • Rob

    This is great work. An interesting landscape, with an intriguing story in the rocks.

    All it needs is a good title “Mt Wellington Monadnocks”.

  • edited April 26
    Thanks very much, @dencal. I'm happy you think it works ok. I'll have to Google "Monadnocks".  :)
  • edited April 26
    Ok, got it, Denis. Ain't Google marvelous.

    It's funny the way dolerite weathers. It exfoliates in layers and can end up in some really bizarre  shapes. The next painting I'm doing has a dolerite column shaped like a dolphin with wings surrounded by snow.   :)
  • @tassieguy how do you get so much done so quickly?  
    With this painting I like the composition but I miss the bright sun that you have in your other paintings. 

  • Thanks, @GTO. I get so much done because painting is all I do. I'm very lucky to have the time. 

    In this one there is sun on the rocks but my phone camera doesn't capture it. Things look washed out and flat. When I take a photo with my camera in sunshine you'll see the sun on the rocks and plants.  :)
  • @tassieguy

    I really like this one, however, my eye is confused by the lines of white clouds, in particular how they are flowing.

    The foreground, mid-ground, and distant background are all vastly separated physically, and yet, the clouds look like they are flowing over them all as though they were flowing over a single object... all of it at the same distance.

    I find it jars with something in my brain that says... that shouldn't be so.  Of course, I have not seen the reference photo.

    Other than those clouds flowing over everything the rest is brilliant.
  • edited April 26
    Thanks, @CBG. I need to adjust that cloud. It's actually the base of a larger cloud, most of which you cannot see.  It was there in reality and I did question whether to leave it that shape but if it's confusing then I'll change it. Thanks for pointing it out.  :)
  • This is absolutely brilliant @tassieguy we have many areas like this that have rocks like these. They are so fascinating that people have put names onto those. Dark foreground and light background is adding to the contrast. Too much perfection?  ;) I don't have any problems with the sky. This is real. 

  • edited April 26

    Thanks very much, @kaustavM:)

    Here's a better photo taken outside in daylight with my camera. It's better but still doesn't show the structure of the clouds in the lower sky. The camera can't pick up the subtle changes in value there even in daylight.

    I've changed the sky slightly in light of @CBG 's critique. I think it's better now. I'm glad you noticed the lighting, @KaustavM. There were low clouds moving quickly across the landscape with openings that allowed the sun to briefly light things in patches here and there. The rocks just happened to be in sunlight which gradually turned to shadow in the foreground. I thought this added a little drama to the scene. 

    Thanks again for your comment, @KaustavM

  • This photo shows off the painting way better.  I can see the light on the rocks now.  
    Are those petroglyphs on the lady side of the first standing rock?  
  • edited April 26
    Thanks, @GTO. Yes, this is a much better photo.  :)

    When I first saw those white marks I thought they were graffiti but get a bit closer and you realize they are white lichens. I wonder if the native Tasmanians had a name for these rocks. Kunanyi is their name for the mountain so it wouldn't surprise me if they also named these distinctive rocks. 
  • This is a six, out of the ballpark,'s great!  You have taken a scene and rendered it realistically, yet added life through various choices of colour, lighting, and composition.  Love it.
  • edited April 26
    Thanks so much, @Gary_Heath. Much appreciated.  :)

    Some of the plants were a bit rushed so I've done some more work on them.
  • those rocks do look like humans! cartoony humans  =) This painting size is quite different from the squarish ones ones you usually prefer? the shades is the rocks are so beautiful... i had to move my head back from the screen to grasp everything together, and it looks all the more beautiful that way!
  • Thanks very much, @anwesha:)

    I was worried it would look to weird to interest people.  But in light of the comments thus far, maybe not.  :)
  • looks great @tassieguy, love the shadows in the foreground :)
  • edited April 26
    Thanks very much, @ArtGal. I'm happy that the shadowed foreground reads ok.  :)
  • Sir,
    your landscapes are stunning. Honestly every time i see your paintings i mistake them for the reference image until i zoom in and see the brush strokes. I'm a fan.  Keep em coming,  please :p
  • You keep outdoing yourself and I don't know how you can manage it.  Stunning painting.
  • Great composition! Great color, light and shadow! I don’t think it’s too strange at all, Rob. It fits in beautifully with the other mountain paintings in this series, in my opinion. And like @GTO, I’m amazed at your output!
  • @tassieguy I agree with @HondoRW this painting is right up there with your best.  Especially when I zoom in on the boulders with all the coloration and lichens.  And the way the field behind the boulders in the front are handled.  I get a good sense of distance with them.
  • edited April 29
    Thanks very much, @HondoRW and @GTO. I really appreciate your taking the time to look and write comments.  :)
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