Hi everyone, I’m a new oil painter from Arizona. About 18 months ago I completed an oil painting on Bristol board ie cardboard that I gessoed 3 times front and back. Having problems mounting it into a piece of MDF that I pre-treated with 3 coats of GAC 100 front and back. Tried gluing with acrylic gloss medium and it keeps buckling   HELP!!!!


  • You should not have tried mounting illustration board on MDF. No matter how much gesso is in it. When working on gessoed paper you should treat it as a watercolor painting. Back it in a frame with acid free rag paper foam board. You could even glass it. Properly.

    Illustration board really isn't meant for this sort of treatment. Gesso the painting surface only. Illustration board was meat to be painted on. Have the paper surface peeled off to go on a scanner drum for scanning into 4 color separations or b & w. Some illustration board was 8 ply 2 sided so you could work on the back side after you screwed up the first attempt. I still have a couple of peeled boards somewhere in my pile of old work.
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