Trip to Manhattan

I went into NYC yesterday with my friend Larry. We toured Manhattan for about 6 hours. I didn't do video or photography except for this.


This is 5th Avenue somewhere in the fifties. I lived in Manhattan for over 30 years and never experienced this. Even on a summer Sunday morning is was never this empty. No cars. No People. Yet construction continues unchecked.
I saw only 2 people in business suits all day. We went by my old office. The biggest news operation in the world. Nobody on the street. 50% of corner retail in most neighborhoods empty. On 5th avenue probably 30% of retail property empty and for lease. The only vibrant area we experienced was Korea town. No closed shops. We had Korean Barbecue for the fist time in over a year. My old neighborhood, 2 blocks from the Empire State Building, the streets were empty. City buses parked on the cross streets waiting for rush hour? The average age of people on the streets was young around 30ish. My art supply store was gone.

It's like coming out of hibernation. Seeing that the winter has swept away everything you remember.

Where I live now you measure change by how may tree limbs you have to clean up after winter. Little changes year to year. Few shops closed. There were few to start with. The big news is that a bear and her 2 cups ate Farmer Beck's Peahens.  


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