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Giuseppe De Nittis

I love this 19th century artist.
The Newfields museum here has this painting in their collection.  I have to visit the painting every time I go to the museum.



  • I love that. Has almost a Frederic Remington look to it. 
  • @GTO, I would be glad to stand in front of this picture next to you. It's worth learning from examples like this .
  • It is beautiful ❤️
  • It's a wonderful painting, @GTO. Look at the values. They are perfect. Thanks for posting it.

    Although they are quite different, it reminds me of this one by David Davies in the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. They are both 19th C and there's the road and the horse drawn vehicle and the feeling of summer. In the one by Der Nittis it looks like he used Prussian blue in the sky whereas Davies would have used cerulean and cobalt. 

    I'd love to own either (or both) of these paintings. But they deserve to be in museums where the public can see them.

  • How wonderful to be able to see great works of art in person.  Very beautiful.
  • @tassieguy I like that David Davies painting.  Your spot on about the sky.  The light is different but the rendering and feel is the same.  Davies is more true to life whereas de nittis uses more pure color.  De Nittis was pressured by his art dealer to do more “saleable” work.  I believe that happened after this painting which won an award at a Salon and sort of launched his career.  He died at the young age of 39 from a stroke.  His last years were spent working in pastels.  
    Other paintings of his that I like are like his poplars linked here.  
    And this self portrait in pastel here...  notice how he composed this with the view into the room in the background.

    I’m wasting my time lately varnishing paintings, applying to competitions. Playing with the chop saw... Going to the museum.  Looking for ways to avoid starting the next painting.  😀
    I’ve spent loads of time constructing a still life that I really should be painting. The canvas is 25”x30”.   It was a challenge to arrange it for those dimensions.  Below is a photo of the setup in the shadow box.  I’ve drawn it out and am ready to start painting......tomorrow.  😀

  • @HondoRW I hadn’t thought of that connection but I do agree it has that feel.  Of course I love watching spaghetti westerns, especially starring Lee Van Cleef.  Many of which were filmed in Italy Giuseppe’s homeland.
  • @roman That painting looks like he used thin paint and some glazing.  His perspective is perfect.  I like the part of the guy getting into the carriage.  It’s almost like a snapshot in a film.
  • edited April 21
    Great still life setup, @GTO. Nice composition. And I love all the native American patterns. For me, the hardest thing in this would be to get the texture of the rug and vessel. I look forward to seeing what you do with this. Great opportunity here to use some earth colours. I can see umber, ochre, terra verte, red oxide ... :)
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