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Hayli @ Dusk

Life has been getting in the way of painting for me lately, so I haven't been doing much of it, haven't been on here much either. It is nice to get back and see everyone's beautiful new work.

After finding inspiration in a black and white picture of Hayli, I dusted off the palette and got back to it.



  • I love it.  That painting has attitude!
  • What is the attribution of this photo? Is it yours?
  • Thank You @GTO. I appreciate that lot.

    @KingstonFineArt Yup it's mine. It is a picture that Hayli gave to me
  • So you did not take this photo? Someone else shot it?
  • Hayli is the model and photagrapher. She took the photo herself and gave it to me. She has a tripod and is into photography. Why?
  • I really like this, @Leafgazer_Dirtfoot. The loose treatment of the shirt and background and the texture created overall by the brushwork make for a very lively painting. The bright colour from the flame of the cigarette lighter is perfect there - it draws our attention to her face.  :)
  • @tassieguy and @GTO liked it. That feels like a win to me. Thanks for the confidence builder!
  • @Leafgazer_Dirtfoot

    It is important that our work from other sources be attributed. Whether it be auntie supplying a picture of fluffy of copying an internet image on creative commons license. This forum is open to all. Published to all. If just one image is published that some troll wants to challenge. At best the post would be taken down. At worst the forum could be shuttered. Also  most people work hard to create and compose their reference. Work from un-attributed sources should called out and removed. 

    It's simple. If a reference is from other sources than yourself mention the source and the link to permission up front. A celebrity, fashion, ad or other commercial image reference should be out of bounds without explicit permission.

    Even if permission is granted It it wrong to comment on the composition. Someone else's hard work. @tassieguy's comment is appropriate in this case. He critiqued what you added to the creators work.

    I agree that the treatment is well conceived and executed.

    A friend of mine had a million views on a painting video on YouTube. He used 'free of copyright' music but mis-attributed the composer. He wouldn't tell me how much it cost him in $. But all the ad sharing revenue went to the composer.

  • Looks great @Leafgazer_Dirtfoot, I think its a nice touch having the flame in colour.

    You must be relieved that, you haven’t actually committed a crime.

  • Thank you for your insight @KingstonFineArt

    I am very new to the art world, and it seems there is a lot more to learn than just how to draw mix and paint.

    Just curious... I went to a lot of trouble to get an original picture that I have written permission to use and alter how I see fit. Hayli is my friend, but that is not her real name and she does not want her source photograph out on the interwebs. Soooo my question is, what is the proper way for me to prove my permission on a site like this? Not that anyone would ever want to buy this painting, but it will not be sold, traded or bartered in any way.

    I appreciate your time and knowledge very much

  • Thanks @MichaelD

    whew. I was scared for a minute.
  • @Leafgazer_Dirtfoot, it's no one else's business where others get their photos. Your friend gave you the photo to use as you wished. You need no one else's permission. You made a great painting out of it which I'm sure she will love seeing.  :)
  • @Leafgazer_Dirtfoot

    I just think as a courtesy to our fellow artists on the forum is a good thing to mention. It stages the criticism. 

    You've made it clear that your work is done by permission. You did it right. And it's easy to do.

    I bring this topic up because other don't or won't.
    Stealing other people's work is a crime straight up. Probably not enforceable in this mad world but it's certainly a crime of honesty. 

    I have had my work republished without consent or royalty several times. And was helpless because the offender was a small magazine and I was a little guy illustrator. I've had a client hand me a photo and say it was okay to use. It wasn't. We were sued. The client had to pay the owner of the photo, a model agency, some good money.  
  • GTOGTO -
    edited April 18
    @Leafgazer_Dirtfoot you did a fine job on the painting and you attributed the source and that’s cool.  
    Just as a heads up what @KingstonFineArt brings up is correct.  I have a family member who used what was supposed to be open source photo for a web site and later got sued for using it.  He basically got trolled and sued.  It was a real pain to deal with.  
    If you are working from photos it’s good to be sure you know it’s a legit source.
  • This all brings up a question from me re source material. I’ll post it under General Discussion in order not to hijack this post. 
  • @tassieguy thanks for having my back lol. I appreciate you. Keep painting them awesome paintings. And thank you for your compliments about my painting. It means a lot.

    That is some good food for thought @KingstonFineArt I would hate for someone to steal my work or to use my work without permission. If I have paintings in the future that I want to post on here, I will make it clear, up front, that they came from original images that I own the rights to. That is the only type of photo that I would paint from anyhow. An image that I can find with a quick search isn't very cool in my opinion. All of that being said... You asked me at the beginning of this thread if it was my photo. I replied "@KingstonFineArt Yup it's mine. It is a picture that Hayli gave to me". Is that not enough?

    That is a major bummer about your family member @GTO I hope that it all worked out in the end.

    Thank you for all the information about attribution. I have cleared it up. That conversation is a dead horse now.

    I am very open to criticisms, critiques or comments about my painting. I would love to hear them.

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