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  • edited April 16
    Oh, I'd love to get my hands on some of that white. Even pure titanium white often doesn't capture the brightness I see in the sky, in surf and in snow so a whiter, brighter white would be great. 
  • That’s very cool. Literally. 😀
  • edited April 17
    "Schminke Mussini 103 titanium opaque white" is the whitest oil paint that I know of, it has a strong luminous quality to it, you can see it well in the dark.
     But clearly it is not as white as what is presented here. I'll bet this would work well on houses application, window frames, heaves, trim, roof patios & gardens, roofs, etc.
  • I saw something a few weeks ago. It is a roof made of a material that’s changes from white to dark depending on the temperature. When it’s hit it is white, as it gets colder it turns dark to absorb the light.  I think the white is an under paint that gets revealed as the temperature rises.  
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