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First still life

Followed DMP for my first still life :)



  • edited April 15
    You've done a very fine job with this, @johnj, especially for a first painting. The glass and metal are great.

    One thing that would make it even better would be to remove the bright areas around the book where it touches the table and instead add a small shadow beneath the top and to the right beneath the book.  This will stop the book looking as though it's floating. The bright area may be a reflection that is there in reality but sometimes we need to tinker with reality.  But wait until you see what others think. The floating thing might just be me.

    Anyway, I think this is a marvelous effort for someone just starting the DMP method. Well done!  :)
  • @johnj very beautiful attempt. all the objects are painted so well

    Probably you can check the lantern, bottom looks little off centre (probably it only looks like that to me ) .I agree with @tassieguy , add little shadow on top leftmost book edge & beneath.
  • @johnj

    There's a certain charm here.
    I'm assuming this is close to a correct exposure. It is so important to shoot better photos of your work. 
    The ellipses need some work. But like I said it's very charming.
    Would you like to be drawing painting in a more refined manner?   
  • Thank you @tassieguy!  I really like how the lamp turned out, especially the base. I see what you mean about the book needing a little bit of shadow and i'll work on fixing that up.

    @vartikasinha thank you! I do think the symmetry is off a bit, it's actually worse on the silver cup and something i'll need to work on.

    @KingstonFineArt I just watched Mark's video on photographing a painting and can see a few things i did wrong and will fix. Your exposure is good, maybe a bit on the bright side.  
    Well, I really like a more loose look but tried to keep it simple and just paint it as I saw it. I could almsot hear Mark's words at times though to not overblend.
  • @johnj
    The painting is good. It's the drawing that need attention. Draw Mix Paint.
  • @KingstonFineArt
    Ahh, yes, I get what you're saying now. Thanks for the feedback!
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