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Low res pics

I’m just a beginner. I really would like to paint some old portraits of family members. But I’m afraid there’s just insufficient resolution. Any techniques to accomplish this? Or would it be really challenging for a novice?


  • The complexity of this photo might be a challenge but I think there's enough information in the faces to achieve a likeness. You would have to paint broadly and get accurate values and put them in exactly the right place. You can be much more loose with the rest of the picture, especially the background.  :)
  • dencaldencal -
    edited April 15

    Success is about right value in the right place. This photo is deficient in edge definition only.
    Much of what we recognise as loved ones in photos depends on shadow shapes and values turning the form.

    With your brush and paint you have the opportunity to improve the edge definition, though it will be too easy to go too far.

    Richard _P may be able to sharpen this photo.


  • Thanks for the insights. Tassieguy, where are you seeing complexity? The skirt pattern obviously but anywhere else? I think the background building won’t be so hard - get the values and angles right, and some straight  lines on the fencing and I’m home free. Simplify the rest of the background. Right?
  • Yes, the skirt and the woodwork on the building. They're complicated but not overwhelmingly so and, as you say, the background can be simplified.  :)
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