quick drying burn umber and black

Hi guys, 

does anybody have experience with adding some saflor oil to black and burnumber, since it's drying also very slow and it is used in the brush dip of Mark?!

Or does anybody have a different approach to decrease the drying rate of burn umber?

Thanks for your advices 



  • @TobiRau, if you are using Geneva paints then it's the clove oil in them that retards drying. Burnt umber is cheap so try using another brand that has no clove oil. It will dry much faster.  :)
  • Typically Burnt Umber is one of the fastest drying pigments since it contains natural drying agents like manganese. 

    Academies used to turn 1st-year students loose plein air with just Burnt Umber and Lead White to develop their technique and practice value, light and form.  No distractions of hue or chroma to deal with.  Like charcoal sketching,  but with paint.

    Much to be said for that...
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