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Good morning to all, I have been oil painting for many years and struggled with different methods.  I find that Mark's method and paints are wonderful.  About 3 weeks ago, I completed a still life (10 x 10, one rather thin layer of Geneva paints) and when checking on it this morning, I find that it is still 'tacky'.  Will all paintings using Geneva paints take a long time to oxidize?? I do paint rather thinly.    

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    Hi, @smith3757. Welcome to the forum.  :)

    Geneva paints have a long open time because of the clove oil which retards oxidation so you can expect it will be some time before it's no longer tacky and months before it's ready to varnish. Many painters like this long open time as it allows for blending and it can be scraped down if changes are necessary. 

    Geneva paints are great. But I like my paint to dry a little faster so I can work wet on dry.  :)
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    Keep the painting in a warm/hot/dry sunny position away from dust to speed the drying.

    I used to use Winsor and Newton water soluble oil paint with the clove infused slow dry medium.
    Not uncommon for whites and yellows to be tacky after three weeks.

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