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A few of my latests attempts. 1st one is 16'' x 24'' and the other two are 16'' x 20''


  • These are great Marcus :-c I love the comps. Your values are nicely placed and you didn't go overboard with the darks or lights something I have to watch myself. Great proportions overall too. Did you use Mark's method?

    I also applaud you on the sizes. Great choices! =D> Congrats on some fine pieces!
  • Thanks tjs. Not in your league, but getting there slowly. I pretty much follow Mark's method. I don't use proportional dividers though. I use a grid system and I get the photo of the person blown up to canvas size. This helps me with my proportions. I then have a large piece of perspex that I cover the blown up photo with and use that to colour check on. I made a huge mistake on the last one. I wanted to get stuck in quickly and didn't stain the canvas before hand! Big mistake. (Mark will kill me!) I won't be doing that again. I have also just ordered all the ingredients to make my own batch of Delq. It makes so much more sense to follow Mark's method to the latter rather than trying to cut corners. It's been a good learning curve though. Time to do this properly!!
  • I'm about to paint a 3/4 length portrait which is 36'' x 48''. Never painted that size before. Any tips welcome!! :D The head size will be around the same as the others, so just slightly larger than life size.
  • Big kuddos to those of you brave enough for portraits! I have not been that brave yet. I really think they are all good but the first one is my fav. You are doing a great job on the eyes and the one smiling is sooooo hard to do. I did a skull once and bet I did the teeth over 100 times!
  • Tip? I'd wait for the slow dry medium. It makes my work look better than it actually is. Many of the revered old masters used combinations similar. It adds so much more depth than without. So it does a lot of the work for you. It may take some time to get use to but it's worth it :)
  • Hey Marcus!
    Really great portraits. Love Sam's mystery look.
    Wonderful job!
  • Great job Marcus!! While I could make a long list of really good points I'd like to single out perhaps a smaller detail I really appreciate. Lots of portraits focus on great eyes, correct proportions to nail the likeness of the subject, details of hair, teeth, etc and rightly so. Sometimes they seem to do this at the expense of details away from the face....perhaps not important to them, or they may be getting tired of the painting (suspect we've all faced that from time to time) or perhaps that didn't want to add detail to distract the viewer away from the main area of interest. In your case, particularly in the painting of Sam, I really appreciate the balance you've achieved in the details away from the face area....a specific example is the great job on the shirt. Congratulations!! Look forward to seeing more of your wonderful paintings. :)
  • Thanks Liz, Myc and Gary for your kind comments. I've got lots to learn, but feel I'm making progress all the time. :D
  • For sure varnish the portraits! Everything looks better varnished....I am always anxious to get that part over with so I can really see how it turned out. You can do what Mark suggested and oil it out to see if not really dry enough...just have to be sure dry to the touch.
  • Beautiful portraits,I love the shifting colors, details. Amazing and very expressive, My compliments to you.Thanks for sharing .
  • Wow Marcus, these are great! I can't enlarge the picture so I can't see the detail but from what I can see they're really good. Nice job.
    You said you were starting a 3/4 length. I didn't quite understand. Did you say the head would be slightly larger than life size?
  • Hey there Marcus... These are lovely! I like what you said about growing as an artist with this method... so true! =D>
  • Thank you again for all your kind comments.
    Hi Ronna. Yes I'm starting a 3/4 length portrait and it'll be just slightly bigger than life size so the canvas size is going to be 36'' x 48''
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