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How should I attempt this background? Advice Needed :)

I would love some advice about how to go about painting this background. I am very new to oils and am not 100% sure how to go about it. I'm thinking that I should paint with the green first and then overtop with the lighter colour. Does that sound about right? Do you recommend a different technique? (I'm not looking for advice about the grapefruit, just the cloth). Thanks so much for your input!! I appreciate any help!


  • Allie

    I think you need to start with a grey/brown ground. Then cut a tile of this fabric and dry brush off white to the fabric and stamp out the texture (needs some practice runs). Green lines last. 

    Would recommend swapping to some broken plaster wall holding a weathered shelf contrasting with the fresh grapefruit.


  • @dencal Thank you so much for the advice! I appreciate it and would not have thought to approach it in that way!  :)
  • @Allie

    I think your suggested approach of green first is good.  It's darker so if you are going dark to light it naturally fits the order, also I've heard Mark talk about white being a risk of milking things up it's likely best to use it last, although that green is plenty milky on its own.

    I would suggest you keep your abstract style (I love your apple) and not fuss about the texture.  Since it appears that you know how to get your values right, I think it'll come through your shorthand/abstraction just fine.  

    I'm reminded of Mark's video where he paints a peach and talks about getting values right (with a little abstraction) to convey texture, and not fussing too much with super fine detail (which is not your style anyway).

    If your apple is any indication, this one will turn out great!
  • @CBG Thank you so much for your input and kind words! I too remember that peach tutorial and that is great advice! I will definitely keep in mind that it is the bigger picture that matters and try not to get caught up in the details. Thank you! Your advice really helps! 😊
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