My drawings

Hello. İ'm a hobbyist, i like to draw and its the only talent i discovered about me, if we can call it one. Here are last two drawings after 10 years without a sketch, please feel free to tell what do you think. I used to draw with graphite, this is my first colored pencil try. 
I created a youtube channel for timelapse videos but im not sure about investing on camera Light etc. Let me know what do you think. Thanks for your time. 



  • @Caneker uh yeah that’s one very good talent you got working there.  👍
    What are the dimensions?  Is the Depp drawing in pastel, colored pencil?  
    I’d like to see a video of how you go about it.
  • @GTO the size is B3 (35x50cm) for colored pencil and A3 for graphite. 
    It's colored pencil (faber castell polychromos)
    Here is the video, its a little bit fast and there are some lightining problems, 

  • @Caneker the shading and the details in the scarf are excellent.  I noticed the you have a drawing already layer down.  Is that drawing projected onto the paper.  It also looks like you draw a grid to use when coloring in the image?
    Do you have plans to try oil painting?
  • @GTO i draw the outlines with graphite pencil using grid method. I make sure evrything is right place (specially in the face proportions every milimeter counts) then i start to color.
    I have watched drawmixpaint youtube videos about color theory and oil painting long ago and tried an oil painting but i leave it unfinished. It was really fun to mix colors but I found oil painting hard to work with at home, there are various chemicals and you have to keep evrything clean etc. I will stick with colored pencils for a while, i might Also try mixed media in near future. 
  • @Caneker your finished product is very clean, no grid lines evident.  Your shading is also very smooth, no distortion.  You also pay close attention to details.  Maybe try gauche water based paint if you are concerned about the mess and equipment with oils.  In any case, your drawings are fantastic!
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