The Dukster WIP 12x12 Question and Comments Welcome

Began a painting yesterday of our other dog Duke that will hang alongside Earl's painting.  This is the blocking in.  I think the mouth is a little off and will be making some adjustments as i go.  This is quite challenging in that he is brindle in color.  It will be fun to figure out how to use a looser style for this painting.  The little bit of training I have requires blocking in with a midtone and then adding the darker and then the lighter layers. This one would definitely require a tiny rigger brush and hours and hours of work with this style of painting. 

I know Mark has a video on how to paint a poodle and have watched it.  I really love the outcome of his method and was wondering how you would approach this painting using DMP?  Comments are always welcome.

Reference photo (reworked in photo editing program to include the same color background as the Earl painting).

WIP painting so far.  My monitor is showing a much higher chroma blue than what it actually is in life.

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