Hi friends, 
Ive run into yet another major problem in my painting adventures as we all have, fortunately we have all found eachother to help : ) So recently i've been undertaking the task of copying some of Vermeer's pieces for some good practice (and it has been quite insightful), and while the painting itself seems to be fairly straightforward ive run into a major problem with the framing. Because Vermeer lived in 17th century Europe and I live in 2021 USA obviously I cant go to the store and buy a canvas that matches the size of a Vermeer. And instead of making of making my own canvas (im too unskilled and ill-equipped) i just went and bought some 16x20 ampersand boards and wound up taping off an inch or so off the tops and bottoms to match his 16x18 dimensions. Like this. I was under the impression that the framer would be able to fit a frame the covers the taped portion which leaves a white outter edge. I finished a Milkmaid copy and gave it to my Godfather and when he went to Michael's to have it framed it they said they couldnt cover the white edge.... Was that particular store employee just incompetent or did I really just PAINT MYELF INTO A CORNER : )))) 

But seriously guys I'm kind of scared. 

I know with the original Milkmaid the reason the frame is so huge is because it is also covering a large portion of canvas. I would say about the whole inner frame is covering canvas. 
Any help will be appreciated. 


  • LogosChroma

    Looking good.

    What about trimming the blue tape/white bits off with a saw? Framers will want to see the painting supported entirely by the rebated frame and not conceal any of the painted surface.


  • @dencal thank you! I have seriously considered trimming but the painting is on ampersand board. So in order to trim it, I would have to remove the wood bracing, cut the mdf board, cut the bracing down to size, and reattach. Maybe when I start my next one but for the pieces that are already started, sounds like a terribly risky procedure that could damage the integrity of the painting. I have some appointments with actual framing specialists stores so I’m waiting to see what they have to say as well. 
  • @LogosChroma
    Don't go to a crappy framer like Michaels. Find a framer who can add support to the painting and then trim off the waste.
    You can make or have made stretchers to size. Or just paint on Linen taped stretched on MDF with enough space for putting on stretcher later. Or even making you our MDF panels to size and prime with acrylic gesso.

  • @KingstonFineArt thank you for the input. Can you elaborate a little on how I would go about leaving enough room for stretchers if I go the linen over mdf. Because I have a fresh blanket of linen waiting to be used. But the idea of making my own stretchers scares the daylights out of me. 
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    You can have them made. Not cheap. If you have a table saw or a friend with one you can make jigs to do it. With MdF I'd cut to the size before painting. Many lumberyards will cut to size.
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