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Thanks...finished and framed portrait, plus a no-blend attempt

Once again my sincere thanks to Tassieguy, Denis, Dustin, Dencal, Richard and KingstonFineArt for their help with the background problem over his right shoulder I had with this portrait of my son on stage. It's varnished and framed now and here's a not-too-good-quality iPad shot of it propped up on my sofa . Also I've had a go at copying an alla prima style portrait (the original is by a wonderful artist here in England, Steve Chappell) which I cropped and added a seascape background. The temptation to blend was unbearable! But somehow the face emerged! It's on a 12 inch square canvas panel. I guess the next challenge is either to paint this style from life or a photograph of a sitter...


  • These are both great. Fantastic job on the alla prima copy. 
  • thanks hondoRW much appreciated. I meant to say that I tried cold wax medium for the no-blend painting...interesting. 
  • edited April 1
    The portrait of your son is really good. I love the pose, the composition and the subdued colour scheme of everything except the face and hands which stand out nicely. I also think the simple dark frame was a good choice.

    And I like your no-blend study which demonstrates that blending is mostly unnecessary.  :)
  • thank you very much tassieguy, actually I tried to make the hands/face focal points (using the stage lighting) because the character my lad was playing in that scene was trying to contain a tremor and spasm in his hand to hide the fact from another character that he was ill. hat's why we chose that particular reference to work from so although you wouldn't have known the reason for the hand positioning hopefully the idea is there. Always appreciate your comments...  
  • Love it. Great classic look. 
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