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In home lighting solution to display finished work?

Hi all:

I could not find a thread devoted to this subject.  Totally surprised (correct me if I am wrong).

So how DOES one light a painting on a wall properly?

Ideally the light:

1) is bright and at some desired temp (no brainer)

2) casts even brightness across the work,

3) not necessarily an expensive installation or involve excessive clutter from hardware e.g. stands, brackets, arms, or supports (and wires....) for the light


4) avoids as much as possible stray distracting bright light hitting the frame and/or the wall surrounding the painting.

I suppose l'm looking for a perfect square stoplight that can be mounted on the end of a slender arm above the larger than say a dollar bill.  Not even sure it exists...

Barring that, any suggestions?  What do you use?


  • CBG

    IKEA has reasonably priced track lights such as Bave in 3 or 5 light arrays.

    The light is not as yellow as shown here. The aim is to wash the wall with even illumination.
    These LED units are individually adjustable.

    Low cost LED gimble recessed lights are available.

    Low cost starlights can do a reasonable wall wash, but light is severely raked exaggerating texture.

    Multiple fixtures like these need only low lumens.

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