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Forest Fern oil on panel 24" x 9"

edited March 28 in Post Your Paintings
Here is something I did mainly as an exercise, but also because I liked the lighting effect.  I'm wondering how close I got (colour/value, the latter more important)?  Any and every critique welcome. Thanks for taking a look!

Ref. photo



  • Great job of compensating for the photo limitations here @Gary_Heath
  • edited March 28
    Looks good, @Gary_Heath.

    Many would have seen that background and run a mile. You made a fine job of it.

    The frond looks good, too - perhaps a slightly brighter yellow-green on it's top section. But that could be a problem with your camera. I can never get mine to accurately record colour in my paintings.   :)
  • I like what you’ve done with the background.  Looks better than the reference. The green in the reference is a bit more intense.  
  • Really good job all the way around I think. Agree with @Roxy’s comment about compensation for the photo limitation. 
  • edited March 30
    @Roxy.  Thanks.  Obviously had to push the frond into the frame, and simplify the background somewhat. @tassieguy.  Thanks for your comment.  I was pleased with the way the background turned out. The photo of the painting is pretty accurate; the ref. photo is not as it is way pumped up.  Nonetheless, I've probably overdone it with white/yellow.  Beware of adding white says Mark Carder, and surely I know where he's coming from now.  @GTO Thanks.  I think what you say is correct even though the ref. photo is pumped up, and I need to adjust accordingly.  Tricky thing adjusting values at the final stage, you almost don't want to do it for fear of getting it wrong.  I'll do it though.  @HondoRW Thanks so much.
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